Welcome to the beer place in Bern

We invite you to a unique eating, drinking and beer culture in our restaurant and brewery „Altes Tramdepot“.

A meeting point for young and old from Berne and all over the world. The “Altes Tramdepot” is already more than 15 years an indispensable part of the Bernese gastronomic scene. 

  • Our speciality – our home-brewed beer
  • Our atmosphere – uncomplicated and friendly
  • Our setting – a fantastic view of the old town – UNESCO World Heritage Site, the River Aare and the BearPark.


Wies'n Bier

Original gravity: 13.5% / Vol.alc.: 5.8%

tank level

800 Liter

Raspberry Ale

Original gravity: 12.8% / Vol.alc.: 5.5%

tank level

25 Liter