Welcome to the beer place in Bern

Dear guests

According to the current regulations of the FOPH, the following applies in restaurants:
CERTIFICATE (3G with QR code) required

Table Reservations (only possible with a certificate):

All guests of a reservation are obliged to show their certificate (paper / digital) on site. Official identification (with photo; driver's license / ID / passport) or the SBB SwissPass is required. If these criterias are not met, admission to the restaurant cannot be granted.

With or without reservation

The certificate control is carried out in the foyer. This is a public space and wearing a mask is compulsory. It is also compulsory to wear a mask when going to the toilet.

We look forward to your reservation.

Opening hours: 
Monday to Sunday 11.00-23.30 h.
The kitchen is open all day until 22:00 h.

WITHOUT CERTIFICATE (no reservation possible)

If one or more guests cannot present a certificate, it is not possible to reserve a table. We will check on site whether we do have availability on our terrace.

We decide day by day (depending on the weather) whether the terrace will be served.

Guests without a certificate are obliged to wear a mask when entering the interior (passage to the toilet, entry and exit). Orders at the bar are not allowed; The exception is if the self-service area in case it will be opened.



Emmer Bier

Original gravity: 11.9% / Vol.alc.: 4.2%

tank level

1010 Liter

New Zealand IPA

Original gravity: 13.7% / Vol.alc.: 5.9%

tank level

520 Liter