our brews


Non filtered lager beer
brewed with Pilsener and caramel malt, mild hoping, bottom fermented

Malt extract 12.0%, Alc by Vol. 4.9%


Non filtered, an amber beer speciality
brewed with Wiener-, Pilsener- and dark Caramel malt and Saaz Hops, malty taste, bottom fermented

Malt extract 12.5%, Alc. by Vol. 5.1 %



Non filtered, wheat beer from Munich
brewed with more than 50% of wheat malt, a typical bavarian speciality, top fermented

Malt extract 12.5%, Alc. by Vol. 4.9%

More Tram-Beer

Beside the three main beer on tap, we brew up to thirty different beer specialities.

Please ask your staff for more information.

3 liter beertower on your table

Your favorite beer for you and your friends, to tap on your table.


5 liter barrel on your table

...or a 5 liter barrel filled with Tram-Helles or Tram-Märzen on your table.